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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Name: Todd Holman

Age: 45

Job: Commercial real estate sales and leasing broker for Woodyard & Associates. Right now I’m doing a lot of work helping landlords fill empty space in their buildings and assisting them through these challenging times. I am also helping tenants downsize into smaller spaces that better fit their needs and budgets. It’s more important than ever for landlords, tenants and brokers to come together and provide solutions to the economic challenges facing us.

Best moment in real estate: My best moment in real estate was the day I realized that I was busy all week, and that I would be just as busy the following week. In the beginning of a real estate career you go to work about every day wondering what it is you need to do. Most jobs have a list of tasks that you are required to perform in order to earn your paycheck, but in real estate you spend the first two or three years working to get work. One day it occurred to me that I had been very busy doing deals all week. It’s been like that ever since. I love this business. I’ve had plenty of tough days, but never a bad day.

Most challenging moment in real estate: The day that I had to choose between a six-figure commission check or my integrity and the best interest of a new client. That’s a lot of money to a farm kid from Ohio. I think sooner or later every person who makes decisions for clients is faced with making that choice. Many business people don’t understand that the choice they make that day will set the tone for the rest of their career. I made the right choice that day. No, I didn’t take home the big score on the deal, but I did earn the trust of my client. Since that day he has done millions of dollars worth of business with me every year. I’ve had to make that choice over and over many times since then. After the first time it just got easier and easier to do the right thing. There’s too much money to make over the life of your career to lose it on one stinking deal. Besides, there’s always the fact that taking care of your clients’ best interests is just the right thing to do.

Hobbies, interests and activities: I work, work a little more, then I fish and hunt. Pretty much everything else gets put on the back burner after those three items. I’m somewhat passionate and obsessive about all three things. I’m from the “work hard, play hard” side of the tracks. Working hard brings the money I need to really be able to afford and enjoy my hobbies.

Family: I’m unmarried, always been. I have a wonderful girl friend who seems to like me despite all my many faults.

Last book read: Fly Fishing for Snook. Sorry, I’m not the novel type. More of a periodical reader and an Internet research nut.

Role model: My Dad. Dad made it pretty clear to me that I would need to get up and go to work every day. After all, he did. I came from a family business. We learned to work first as laborers, and then when we got that right – and not until – we moved up the ladder to other positions. The upside was we had the best of everything. Having the clear understanding that you have to be in the game every day is half the battle to making a living in this world. He made the path clear for us, but we had to walk down it.

Word of advice: Be nice on your way up the ladder. Because you’ll be meeting all the same people on your way back down.

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